Developing confident riders who love cycling.

There's more to The LeadOut Foundation than the Mentor Program. The Foundation, together with elite amateur racers, host skills clinics designed to to teach riders how to corner, ride in a pack, draft, and more. Each clinic and each skill worked on improves rider confidence and takes people that "ride bikes" and turns them into cyclists. More confident riders are more likely to participate in cycling events, be they social rides, charity rides, special events, or races.

And when it comes to races, we're there for the "race curious" too. Many of our clinics feature practice races where new and emerging racers can put the skills they've learned into practice in a semi-controlled environment against riders of similar experience levels.


"[A]n incredible clinic full of great tips and tons of constructive feedback.... Each time I go to a clinic I learn something new, improve my skills, and gain confidence and experience."

-New racer from our Women's Only Clinic




September 1 thru October 6, 2022

The Foundation's Mentor Program will be back at the return of the Driveway Series! Six weeks this fall will see Austin-area racers back at the track racing the country's biggest and best weekly criterium. New and newer racers, find Mentors before the race for tips and encouragement and post-race, tell us how it went!

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