Organizations focused on cycling advocacy and education are the key to expanding ridership.

The LeadOut Foundation was founded in part on the idea that to grow interest and participation in bike racing, the pool of committed cyclists needed to grow. To do that a few things have to happen; people need safe places to ride, kids need to learn about cycling, and there needs to be great community cycling events for riders to experience the joy of riding. None of these things are squarely in our particular wheelhouse. But we can certainly raise money for organizations that are doing this work. So The LeadOut Foundation's proceeds support organizations like these listed below.

Want to be a beneficiary of The LeadOut Foundation? If you are part of an organization that's focused on cycling in the greater Austin area with an emphasis on advocacy, education, or community engagement, please reach out to us and tell us about your current projects. A more formal grant application process will be announced in the future, but for now, let's hear what you're doing and see if we might be able to help!


"The LeadOut Foundation’s contributions to this event helped us ensure that the entire crowd could hear the speeches at each stop. We hope we were able to explain the LeadOut Foundation’s mission and pique the interest of the crowd in what you are building!"

-Talib & Susie, The Black History Bike Ride Team





When Talib Abdullahi first shared his idea on Instagram, he wasn’t expecting much. He wanted to get some friends together for a bike ride to explore Austin’s Black history. He figured maybe 20 or 30 friends would join him. But that’s not what happened. The first Black History Bike Ride was June 14th, 2020 in Austin TX, with over 400 riders. 

Black History Bike Ride's mission is to present BIPOC history to the masses through fun adventures on a bike. Together we can create a more informed community and go on some great bike rides. Black History Bike Ride is a part of Six Square’s non-profit incubator program. Our hope is to bring this resource to more cities outside of Austin. 



Ghisallo Cycling Initiative is an Austin non-profit providing bicycle education and instruction to kids and adults alike. Since 2011, they have provided in-depth after-school Bike Clubs, high volume safety clinics, and learn-to-ride programs for youth. They began serving older adults (50+) and seniors (65+) starting in 2016 through their Golden Rollers trike program, expanded to San Antonio in 2018, and launched additional programs specifically for adults in 2019. Ghisallo Cycling Initiative provides direct services to the public and provides support to organizations through access to bicycles, capacity building, and deployment of educational components to increase bicycle access and integrate biking into daily life.



BikeAustin, Austin’s cycling advocacy group, envisions Central Texas as a place where everyone recognizes and embraces the benefits of cycling, whether they ride or not, and where cycling is a common aspect of daily life for everyone. BikeAustin sees Central Texas as having a comprehensive bicycle network enabling people in the region to comfortably, safely, and efficiently use a bike for transportation and recreation, whereby bicycling supports the community as a whole by increasing roadway capacity and user mobility, strengthening the economy and household affordability, improving the environment, and promoting an active, healthy lifestyle.



East Austin’s Lorraine "Grandma" Camacho Activity Center is dedicated to providing quality outdoor recreation, nature-based education, and cultural art programs to youth, teens, and adults. Camacho specializes in adventure programming including mountain biking and runs Austin’s only composite National Interscholastic Cycling Association mountain bike team, made up of kids from area schools and those who attend Camacho's Activity Center after-school programming. The Camacho Activity Center is on Austin's Ann and Roy Butler Trail along Lady Bird Lake and is supported in part by the Trail Foundation.