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Veteran riders sharing encouragement and advice.

Our mentors are veteran cyclists. Their first priority is sharing the joy of cycling with other riders. Each mentor has many years’ riding experience, some decades, at various events and levels. From leading local shop rides, to charity events, all the way to national championship races. The common bond is their passion for riding and sharing their knowledge gleaned from years in the saddle.

Each mentor is vetted. Initially they shadow experienced mentors learning how and why mentors do what they do. They also complete a review of our mentor training handbook. And before they serve as a mentor they must complete Safe Sport training.

Mentors are personal friends, professional acquaintances, or former teammates–and sometimes all three–to both The LeadOut Foundation board members and with each other. Some are also USA Cycling licensed coaches. Others are licensed race officials. Some work in the cycling industry. And still others are sports doctors. Each has a passion for cycling that extends to their daily lives.

In short, our mentors are experienced and trained to share the love of cycling in a professional, friendly, and encouraging manner. 

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“I love having a hand in shaping the future of riders and up and coming racers in central Texas. Creating good habits early on helps ensure a passion for riding and future success.”

- Ali S.

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