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Our mission is to grow amateur bicycle racing by fostering access to cycling for all ages and experience levels and to support new and emerging racers.

A silver lining of the 2020 pandemic was exponential growth in cycling in the US. Here in Austin, as elsewhere, ridership was up and cyclists were looking for resources to further their new-found passion. Austin fortunately has a number of cycling-specific organizations that work to educate riders, push for bicycling infrastructure, and keep riders rolling. For those of us interested in bike racing the question was, “how does this translate to growing racing?”

Few if any racers came straight to bike racing. Most were casual riders first, riding for transportation, exercise, socially, or maybe just around town or at the occasional charity ride. We believe that to grow amateur bicycle racing you have to maintain and grow ridership. The LeadOut Foundation was formed by bike racers, first to provide support to Austin-area cycling advocacy and education efforts. Increasing the pool of bicyclists from which bike racers come is hard work and takes money. The LeadOut Foundation provides direct funding to local organizations already doing the heavy lifting of furthering ridership. Second, the LeadOut Foundation supports new and emerging racers through our own programming, namely the Mentor Program.