the mentor


The Mentor Program started in 2016 to provide an educational and safe environment for all levels of riders interested in criterium style bicycle racing. Today, 787 Racing sponsors the Mentor Program, our original programing reimagined for racers, riders, and event coordinators.

The 787 Racing Mentor Program was originally designed to offer new racers basic tips from registering to race all the way to positioning for the final lap, and to give more experienced racers peace of mind knowing that there are radioed stewards on course in the event of an incident. 

While race assistance for novice level riders and course marshaling for advanced skill races is still part and parcel of the program’s function, the 787 Racing Mentor Program has expanded to non-racing cycling events. The 787 Racing Mentor Program riders have assisted at local social rides as on-course marshals assisting riders with things like punctures and offering encouragement and good cheer. Those same 787 Racing Mentor Program riders have also proven valuable in communicating with ride directors in the event of a mid-ride issue that requires additional assistance. In this regard, the 787 Racing Mentor Program offers race promoters and event organizers added help in producing their event and a value added service for participants, be they racers or riders. The ultimate goal of the 787 Racing Mentor Program is to develop riders’ skills through instruction and example—regardless of pace—from highly skilled, veteran riders.

If you’d like to have the LeadOut Foundation operate the 787 Racing Mentor Program as part of your next race or ride, please contact us and we’ll create a custom proposal for you.