and Novice and Juniors Practice races

Thursday, June 3, 2021
Check-in: 4:45 pm
Clinic Starts: 5:00 pm
Novice Race: 6:20 pm
Juniors Race: 6:50 pm
Driveway Austin, 8400 Delwau Ln, Austin, TX 78725

Join us, Wolfpack, ATX Sirens, 787 Racing Program Mentors, and clinic instructors Super Squadra for a Skills Clinic for women and men on June 3, 2021, focusing on pack positioning, pack handling, and pack dynamics. This is a great clinic for new and beginning racers who are looking to increase their pack riding IQ, especially at speed. After the clinic, novice racers and juniors will each have a chance to put their newfound knowledge to use in a Novice Only Race as well as a Juniors (Cat 4/Novice) Race on the Driveway Series' City Loop course and race for primes courtesy of Trek of Austin

Clinic instructors Super Squadra is an Austin-based cycling team composed of past National and Collegiate champions and whose alumni include World Tour riders and domestic pros. Members of Super Squadra have taught bike racing clinics and courses for well over 10 years. 

Clinic registration is $15, plus a $10 one-day USA Cycling license for riders that do not already have an annual USA Cycling racing license. First year women racers will have their clinic registration fee reimbursed by Wolfpack. The Novice Only and Juniors Races are each $15. Register for the clinic and one of the practice races (or both if you're a junior) and save $5. Monies raised go to support The LeadOut Foundation's charitable purpose of supporting and growing Austin's greater cycling community.



What do I need to participate?

A functioning road bike, a helmet, and a can-do attitude! If you have that and register for the clinic and a one-day USA Cycling license, you’re all set!

Do I have to race?

Not at all. The clinic-only option is a great learning opportunity for new and emerging enthusiast riders who want to learn skills and techniques to improve their riding.

I’ve never even seen a bike race before. Can I still do the clinic?

Absolutely! Learning about bike handling, cornering, group riding dynamics, and more will make you a better rider, even if you never race.

Is the clinic rain or shine?

Yes. The only time that the race will be paused or stopped for weather is in the event of severe weather in the area.

I’m an avid cyclist. I’ve watched some races. I think I’m in for the clinic, but I’m nervous. Should I do it?

Yes! Everyone starts somewhere. And nearly nobody is great at racing right out of the gate. Come get some tips to make you an even more experienced rider and maybe even try your first race.

I love cycling and have been riding for years. I’ve done group rides and have ridden all over town. I know about the Dam Loop and Jester and Great Northern and rides to far off places like San Marcos. But I’ve never raced or done a clinic.

The clinic will up your riding game and likely the spark to try your first race in one of the best places to learn criterium style racing. Give it a go!

I love cycling. I’ve done some races. But never really felt great racing. Is the clinic just for riders who’ve never raced?

No! Even if you have a few races under your belt, the clinic will be a great place to gain some added confidence and reignite the racing fire in you!

Especially with the pandemic, I’m nervous riding in a group and around other people? What are your COVID protocols?

In accordance with CDC guidance, fully vaccinated people may gather maskless in outdoor spaces. The Driveway Series is asking people to remain socially distanced and wear masks when not riding on the track, and clinic participants will be asked to do the same.